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Fischerscope XDAL 237 X-Ray Spectrometer

Fischerscope XDAL 237 X-Ray Spectrometer

by James
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Fischerscope XDAL 237 X-Ray Spectrometer
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer with a programmable X/Y-stage and Z-axis for automated measurements of thin coatings and for material analysis.
Vintage: 2012
Electrically changeable apertures and primary filters
Silicon PIN detector – high accuracy and good detection sensitivity
Analyzes Coating systems, solid samples, liquid samples.
Detects up 24 elements from Aluminum(13) to uranium (92) simultaneously
Areas of application:
Analysis of thin coatings
Measurement of functional coatings in teh electronics & semiconductor industry.
Determination of complex multi-coating sytems
automated measurements; i.e. in quality control
determination of the lead content in solder

Other Features:
Small footprint Bench-top unit
User Friendly
programmable X/Y stage
laser pointer for alignment
high resolution color video camera with powerful magnification
hand, joystick, or mouse operation
WinFTM Software
Micro focus tube with beryllium window
Adjustable voltage; 10kV, 30kV, 50kV
4 standard apetures; .1mm, .3mm, .6mm, slot .5mm x .15mm
high-resolution CCD color camera for optical monitoring of the measurement location along the primary beam axis
Adjustable LED illumination of the measurement loaction
zoom factor: up to 180x (optical 20x…45x; digital 1x…4x)
Plastic brief case with manual, software, calibration standards, security key
Dell computer Monitor
Dell computer
Table available

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